Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Braid Depth Block

The new Braid Height Buddy!
  • This block allows you to mimic the track braid depth on a portable block that you can take back to your pit space.
  • You simply put the adjustable insert over the braid, on the track, press down and tighten the screw. 
  • You now have your braid depth on the opposite side of the block that yo can use to setup your car.

Thanks for looking!

New BHB-02
Link to a comment by Mike Swiss

This is the latest version of the Braid Height Buddy that allows you to set the braid height, check for tech clearances and use as a soldering block. The block has recessed Neodymium magnets to gently hold down the chassis while soldering or checking.


  1. Hi any idea as to straighten the block as it has now a slight curve in it, the same has happened to my chassis jig, any help would be most grateful